Monday, March 27, 2017


Weeks ago I had a request from a collector for another 6x6 pastel to hang with her previous purchase. I told her I would be painting more 6x6 inch pastels in March. Um...right. Gardening happened and here we are in the last days of the month. Desperate measures and focus needed.

I cut four 6x6 pieces of Ersta 500 from a larger sheet and was left with two 4x6 remnants. Set up a little cardboard box spray booth (use archival spray), mounted the Ersta on archival foam core. Took the panel with me to my Friday painting group*.

Still smarting from my kaput Ersta experience (see my previous post), I decided to use minimal pastels and let the color of the paper show. I started with vine charcoal, gave it an alcohol spray to set it. On some pieces, the charcoal ran or I brushed it around. Basic first strokes can be seen here on the 4x6 "minis."

Carmel, Step 1

This is what the panel of six looks like now. To be continued...
* Friday, March 31st, 1:30 PM I'll be demonstrating pastel at Maple Valley Community Center. After the demo we'll all paint together, any medium. Join us.

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